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SecureShare offers a secure file transfer service that is cost effective, simple to manage and leaves you with peace of mind that your files are guaranteed to be stored your way.

Business file sharing, when done incorrectly, can represent a significant security risk to companies large and small.

File sharing has become part of our everyday lives. Whether it’s requesting files from a client to sharing a pdf with a work colleague. For this, the fast file sharing method is via email. But using email to share customer files, financial records and other important data quickly exposes your business to risk.

To eliminate the risk, companies find themselves turning to encryption technology to send secure files, but these solutions can be costly and complex, adding additional burden.

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Whether you’re sending large files to your colleagues, requesting or delivering files to your clients, SecureShare allows you to do so with secure links where you’re in control of who has access, and for how long. In just a few simple clicks, you have everything you need at your fingertips.



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10GB storage per user
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