Free vs. paid: What's the Best Way to Share Files?

Free vs. paid: What’s the Best Way to Share Files?

The best way to share files is a hotly debated topic in the modern world.

Some people argue that it’s better to use a free file sharing service because of the lower cost and increased accessibility, but others say that paid services are worth paying for because they offer more features, such as setting file permissions and offering an easy way to share large files.

If you’re looking for advanced features, such as password protection or different access levels for different users, a paid service is the best way to go. However, if you just need a simple way to share files with friends or colleagues, a free service will work just fine, one thing to keep in mind when using a free file sharing service is the increased risk of malware or viruses. It’s important to be careful about the files you download and make sure your antivirus software is up to date. Otherwise, you could end up with a lot of problems with your computer.

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Is it safe to share your files over the internet for free?

There are many risks associated with using a free file sharing service. One of the main risks is that your computer could become infected with a virus, this could cause your computer to crash, or worse, give hackers access to your files. Another risk is that someone could access your files without your permission. This could lead to privacy issues or even identity theft, where your information could be sold on the deep and dark web. Finally, free file sharing services often have limited features, which could make it more difficult to share large files or protect your data.

Paid file-sharing services usually have more features, such as the ability to password protect your files, set different levels of access for different users and secure file requesting. They also tend to be more reliable because the company is making money from providing the service. This means that you can be more confident that your files will be safe and available when you need them.

The dangers of free file sharing sites

Identity theft

The first risk you need to consider when using free file-sharing websites is that by visiting them, your identity can be open to fraud. Even though these sites present an idea of anonymity or being private, behind the scenes since important details including IP addresses are shown off without knowledge.

With just your correct name and device location, phishers can find out additional information about you. For more information on how to protect yourself against phishing, learn about our phishing awareness course.

When using these types of sites, it is easy to accidentally agree to some conditions, such as ticketing the ‘allow cookies’ box- your information may be sold to some third parties, such as call centres, who may then try and contact you with sales calls.

Changing your protection system

Malicious files uploaded on some free file sharing sites are designed with a specific goal in mind: to get past your computer’s firewall. They may ask you to remove or open certain parts of it so that it can gain access more easily, but if we don’t know better then this request seems legitimate and gives permission without thinking twice about what could be coming through next.

Bad Software

The fact that free file sharing sites make it possible for one file to be shared among millions of computers globally in as little a time means hackers have an easier opportunity. Malware downloaded from the internet can affect your computer and network. This malicious software quickly gets to work spreading through out-of-browser computers, networks connecting them all in an attack on a single file download.

Although free file sharing sites may be appealing, the risk that comes along with them is not worth it for you or your business. SecureShare offers a 100% confidential service, meaning the only people that will ever see those files are the people you want to. Contact us today to find out how to safely share your files.

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